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Pack Golden Hour
Pack Golden Hour
Copo Per Se (fundo com Garrafas Per Ser 70cl)
Copo Per Se e 4 Garrafas Per Ser 70cl
Detalhe Garrafa Per Se (parte superior)
Garrafa Per Ser 70cl (em fundo com laranjas)
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Pack Golden Hour

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This pack includes two bottles of Per Se 70cl and four Per Se glasses.

Aperitivo Per Se

The perfect drink for late afternoons in Portugal. Pair it with friends and enjoy the mild temperatures and orange horizon with Per Se. Discover this aperitif with the color of a dreamy sunset, made up of 24 botanicals that combine in a unique blend. Refreshing and smooth, it's the drink of the moment. This is the well-kept secret that brings us the light, color and essence of Southern Europe in a single drink. A secret called Per Se.

Alcohol content:
14.5% Vol.

: 70cl

Per Se glass capacity: 50cl

Perfect Serve

Per Se on the rocks: to a glass, add 3 to 4 ice cubes, 10 cl of Per Se and a zest of orange for a touch of citrus.

Per Se & Tonic: to a glass, add 3 to 4 rocks of ice, 10 cl of Per Se , 10 cl of tonic water and a zest of orange for a touch of citrus.


Water, alcohol and 24 distilled and macerated botanicals.

Image is a suggested presentation. Be responsible, drink in moderation.