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1 Garrafa Per Se 70cl
1 Garrafa Per Se 70cl
Copo Per Se (fundo com Garrafas Per Ser 70cl)
Copo Per Se e 4 Garrafas Per Ser 70cl
Garrafa Per Ser 70cl (em fundo com laranjas)
Detalhe Garrafa Per Se (parte superior)
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1 Bottle Per Se 70cl


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Aperitivo Per Se

The perfect drink for a late afternoon in Portugal. Pair it with friends and enjoy the mild temperatures and orange horizon with Per Se. Discover this aperitif with the color of a dreamy sunset, made up of 24 botanicals that combine in a unique blend. Refreshing and smooth, it's the drink of the moment. This is the well-kept secret that brings us the light, color and essence of Southern Europe in a single drink. A secret called Per Se.

Alcohol content: 14.5% Vol.

Capacity: 70cl

Perfect Serve

Per Se on the rocks: add 3 to 4 ice cubes to a glass, 10 cl of Per Se and a zest of orange for a touch of citrus.

Per Se & Tonic: to a glass, add 3 to 4 rocks of ice, 10 cl of Per Se , 10 cl of tonic water and a zest of orange for a touch of citrus.


Water, alcohol and 24 distilled and macerated botanicals.

The image is a suggested presentation. Be responsible, drink in moderation.