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3 Garrafas Per Se 70cl + 2 Copos Per Se
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3 Bottles of Per Se 70cl + 2 Per Se Glasses


Comprar Agora

This pack includes two bottles of Per Se 70cl + Gift of a bottle Per Se 70cl and 2 glasses. Includes Free Shipping for mainland Portugal.

Aperitivo Per Se

The perfect drink for Portugal's late afternoon. Combine with friends and enjoy mild temperatures and an orange horizon with Per Se. Discover this aperitif with the colour of a dream sunset, composed of 24 botanicals that combine in a unique blend. Refreshing and smooth, it is the drink of the moment. This is the well-kept secret that brings us the light, the colour and the essence of Southern Europe in one drink. A secret called Per Se.

Volume: 70cl
Alcoholic Grade: 14,5%

Perfect Serve

Add 7cl of Per Se on the rocks with a zest of orange for a citrus twist.


Water, alcohol and 24 distilled and macerated botanicals.

The image is a suggested presentation.
Be responsible, drink in moderation.